Annual Safety GMDSS Radio Survey​

Transocean Marine Surveyors (E.A.) Ltd is authorised to carry out Safety Radio / GMDSS Survey for Classification Societies (IACS) and administrations (DVN.GL, LR,BV, ClassNK, IRS, INSB, PMDS, Zanzibar Maritime Authority (ZMA).
Our experienced Radio Surveyors operate around kenya, Zanzibar and Tanzania, providing Annual Radio Survey service.

They are trained and equipped with the test equipment to carry out Radio Surveys and Inspections on GMDSS installations for all categories of vessels and equipment onboard all type of vessels.

GMDSS Radio programing

We program vessel’s information on GMDSS Radios, SSAS and AIS. Radio Programming is required when the Flag of a vessel is changed and the vessel is issued with new MMSI Number.

The radio programming can not be carried out by users as it is protected as required by regulations and an experienced and qualified radio technician is required to do this for the owners of the vessel.

Transocean Marine Surveyors (E.A.) Ltd is equipped with all necessary information and experienced radio technicians who can perform the job successfully.
In case of change of vessel’s MMSI Number, following radio equipment are required to be reprogrammed;
-AIS class A and B
-SSAS, programming of Alert recipient addresses and testing of the security alert system.
-EPIRB(s) Programming Reports and Test Certificates.

GMDSS Shore-Based Maintenance Service Agreement

Shore-Based Maintenance Service Agreement is between the Ship Owner or his Representative and Transocean Marine Surveyors (E.A.) Ltd with the purpose of maintenance of GMDSS equipment on the vessel specified in the Agreement in an effective working condition and conformity of the vessel to requirements of Convention SOLAS 1974 ( Amendments of 1988), Chapter IV, Regulation 15 and Resolutions À702 [17] IÌÎ concerning to GMDSS Shore-Based Maintenance Service system. According to this Agreement Transocean Marine Surveyors (E.A.) Ltd undertakes to give the Ship Owner the following kinds of help:

Opportunity of reception of round-the-clock consultation of the qualified engineer on any problems in work of the ship radio-electronic equipment at immediate position of the vessel at sea.

Delivery of spare parts for radio-electronic equipment necessary for repair in any port by crew as agreed with the Ship Owner.

The organization of visit of the qualified engineer for repair of radio-electronic equipment in any port as agreed with the Ship Owner;

To support for the given vessel the database containing the information necessary Ship Owner for management of equipment installed on the vessel; In due time to inform the Ship Owner on all changes of the International and National Rules concerning radio-navigation equipment.

To inform the Ship Owner on an opportunity of upgrading of radio-navigation equipment installed onboard a vessel (for example, about presence and advantages of new versions of software).

The Ship Owner should notify immediately Transocean Marine Surveyors (E.A.) Ltd on any defect of equipment and agree with Transocean Marine Surveyors (E.A.) Ltd upon maintenance of service and-or repair for this defect elimination or malfunction.


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