Marine Survey Services

We offer a range of specialized commercial marine survey services ranging from inspection, Sampling, Testing to Technical services to our clients. we offer:

1. Flag state marine safety inspection, technical surveys and certification services.
2. Maritime Auditing – Our Surveyor is qualified to audit vessels
3. ISPS CODE – qualified to perform Security Checklist and Audits.
4. Marine casualty surveys and investigations.
5. Insurance warrant surveys.
6. Tow approval surveys.
7. Super cargo and/or ship superintendence.
8. Entry/condition survey of vessels.
9. On/off hire surveys.
10 Draft surveys to international standards.
11. Pre-loading inspection of cargo holds, tanks and other spaces.
12. Inspection of lashing and securing.
13. Survey of containerized cargo.
14. Freight containers on-hire/interchange survey.
15. Survey of bagged/break bulk cargoes.
16. Ullage surveys

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